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Orlando Pottery

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The “From the Earth” collection is comprised of items that show the original clay body and/or use primarily house glazes that flow and change colors unpredictably. This is where nature takes its course and the elements flow and change to create unique and beautiful colors and patterns on the pieces.

Our very own designed Slurp Bowls. They can accommodate approximately 2 cups and are designed to you can enjoy every last drop of food!

Cannon Slurp Bowls

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A cheerful array of  blissful faces in blue, green, purple and burgundy with custom braided clay handle in our house black glaze. Standing 4-3/4” tall, these mugs will hold 10 oz.+ of your favorite beverage.

Earthy Patchwork Mugs

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Our uniquely shaped slurp bowls that allow you to enjoy every last drop of food! Thrown in stoneware by Brian and hand decorated with underglaze and glazes by Kelly, a fun and beautiful way to enjoy your next meal!

Large Earthy Bowl

From the Earth Collection

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From the Earth Collection by Orlando Pottery